The Omni Management team has the expertise to provide the property management and maintenance services for your association needs on a day to day basis.

These include perform or scheduling inspections of the following

  •   Exterior condition
  •   Landscape
  •   Common areas
  •   Common area emergency lighting and signage
  •   Downspouts and gutter
  •   Storm water and detention ponds
  •   Amenities (i.e. pool, clubhouse, recreation room, fitness room)
  •   Manage emergency response to water leaks in multi-family buildings
  •   Establish communication with homeowners
  •   Prompt response to service requests
  •   Review and/or supervise capital improvement projects
  •   Review parking assignments and enforcement procedures
  •   Monitor adherence to associations building policies
  •   Provide 24-hour emergency service
  •   Landscape and wetlands management

Omni Management’s staff is experienced in home building construction and maintenance and can assist your association’s board in cost effective maintenance and repairs.

Construction management services are available for larger projects.

        Contact us to get a better property maintenance services solution for your homeowner association.

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